Pace Coins LLC
Pace Coins LLC
Q: What is gold bullion?
A: Gold bullion is pure gold, either in bar or coin form, and will be marked as .999 or .9999 fine gold.
Gold Bullion
Scrap Gold Q: What is scrap gold?
A: Scrap gold is old and/or broken jewelry that is no longer worn or is missing pieces.
Q: Is my jewelry worth the current market price of gold?
A: In most cases no. Gold jewelry is broke down into different karats. The lower the karat means less gold in the item.
Flatware Q: Do we buy spoons, forks, trays, etc: ?
A: Yes, we do purchase Silver flatware.
Q: Do we pay in cash or check?
A: We pay cash for all transactions.
Cash Money
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Pace Coins LLC
Pace Coins LLC
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